Late Summer Newsletter

Upcoming Autumn Exhibitions

So Summer is beginning to fade but lets hope for some last minute September sunshine to take us through to Autumn!
I have been very busy this month getting work together for 2 exhibitions as well working on commissions and other projects...

The next event is

The Big Colyton Art Show at Colyton Grammar School
12th - 14th October


This event is only on every 2 years so I am very excited to be taking part. Visit their website for all the information you might need. Its a great event with lots of great work for sale.

Later on In November, I'm taking part in a group show of artists represented by 'Creative Coverage' who promote artists. When they told me where it was, I nearly fell over... Its at The Theatre, Chipping Norton, where I grew up! I used to go to the Sunday lunchtime live Jazz sessions with my Dad and inhaled goodness knows how much smoke while people sat about drinking beer, nodding their heads and smoking. Hessian wallpaper and 1970's splendour.
It is now a very nice looking gallery and I am excited to be exhibiting there from

13th November to 14th January
The Theatre, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

"Creative Coverage present a selection of work by artists from Oxfordshire and beyond. From sculpture to oil painting, this exhibition really has something for everyone. Why not pop in before panto to pick the perfect Christmas gift? Or treat your home to a new piece of art for the New Year?"

I will no doubt be showing my work closer to home at the Town Mill, Lyme Regis and may be having a studio sale closer to December. Details to follow....

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Painting Classes

Back in May, while I was doing Dorset Art Weeks, Several visitors asked me if I did painting workshops or classes, to which I replied 'No Way!"
My experience of teaching was limited to running craft activities for Brownies aged 7-10 so my confidence levels for teaching grown ups was low! I got thinking and chatting to some potential takers and felt that if I went small to start with and build from there, it might actually be fun!
So....I am happy to be offering a 6 week course for beginners starting in September!

The Classes will start WEDNESDAY 19th SEPTEMBER at 10am-12pm at my Studio just outside Lyme Regis

We will cover:
-An introduction to Acrylic Paint and Colour
-Mixing paint to get to know it
-Choosing and using brushes
-Coming up with ideas for a painting: Inspiration, work you admire, composition
( not as scary as it sounds! )
-Preparing a surface to paint on
-Having help at hand to give advice along the way
-Producing a final piece of art
-Getting ready to paint by yourself.

As this is an experiment for me as well, I am limiting this to 3 people only to start with. One place is booked already so if you are intested, please let me know quickly.

My studio looking its best...This is not normal and will be rearranged for the classes.

My studio looking its best...This is not normal and will be rearranged for the classes.

And relax.....

Dorset Art weeks is now over and there I was, getting ready to take a breather, but no! I managed to get myself a new event lined up for October - The Big Colyton Art Fair at Colyton Grammar School, East Devon. I think I will be exhibiting about 5 paintings along with prints and cards but watch this space....

These are some of the paintings that have found new homes over Dorset Art weeks...

Quite a hot weekend...

Phew what a scorcher, as they say..

I had a very successful start to DAW selling 5 paintings on the first weekend which is fantastic. we managed to sell some plants and cakes and raised some money for Parkinsons Uk too.

My largest painting of the show has gone to live in Australia!

My largest painting of the show has gone to live in Australia!

The Garden Gallery on a glorious day

The Garden Gallery on a glorious day

Talk about busy....

It's been non stop painting, framing, getting business things done; new logo, Shopify store, Mailchimp, Mailing lists, Line sheets, Terms and Conditions....the list is endless but I have learnt SO much this past month.

I have new paintings on the go as are a few of the new ones.

'Sundown Sail'

'Sundown Sail'

'Blowy day at Sea'

'Blowy day at Sea'

Lots of tasty other new work is available in the SHOP

Online Shop is Live!

The SHOP page of my website is up and running and I am now taking orders! I have set up my Mailing List which takes the form of a newsletter with links to products along with info about my upcoming events. Please sign up through the website and stay in touch with all my activity.

New Online sales coming soon!

I am in the process of setting up a section within 'BUY' on my website where you can buy small paintings from me directly. The shipping has been figured out, the products photographed and I'm currently adding them to the site which will be visible and active by March 1st, if not sooner.

Theres more to it than I realised and I expect there will be teething problems but maybe not!

I may need a 'guinea pig' to trial it for me ( for a discounted price, of course ) let me know if you are interested!

Here is how it should look.....


Next Year

I have always enjoyed doing Open studios and Open Houses. I did 3 years of opening our house in Brighton and loved every minute of it. I even delivered our daughter at home between each weekend of The Brighton Festival much to the amazement of visitors!

So -  as the 'Dorset Arts Week' is only on every 2 years now, I have decided that instead of another exhibition, I would give it a try. I have yet to confirm the opening times and days but it will be most days and by appointment.

My only concern is the postcode which is nowhere near our house! hopefully they will follow the signs rather than the SatNav!



From warm days to winter days...

Funny that my last post was about the warmth of an October day and here I sit watching the rain outside, designing a poster for the Winter Art Fair which starts later this month!

At this Art Fair, each exhibitor gets about 5ft to create a display of work which will be stewarded for just over 2 weeks. A perfect opportunity to buy yourself or your favourite person a Christmas gift.  I will have lots of my popular mini paintings down there which start at £30.

Dont forget that I can take card payments over the phone and can even post paintings to you. What could be easier?


Xmas poster A6.jpg