Fridge magnets

Who can resist?

A mini painting for your fridge or a gift for someone you love….These punchy little beauties are now for sale on my website at £3.95 each. choose from 3 designs and get 3 for £10.

Eype Makers Market

I’m delighted to say that I have been accepted onto the very popular and successful Eype Makers Market in Eype, near Bridport which I have never done before.

The date for this is November 17th.

I am trying my utmost to be showing some new products such as Teatowels and Bone China Mugs for the first time.

Put it in your diary now!


Facebook Page: @eypemakersmarket

Back from The USA

I’m home and feeling inspired and motivated to get back to painting!

I am getting ready to start exhibiting again and options abound!

The new ‘Lyme Bay Arts’ at Symondsbury is a beautiful new gallery previously run by Town Mill Arts and features lots of local artists. Although I wasnt able to take part in the current exhibition due to being away, I am expecting to do the next one. Details will be here. If you are a former visitor to The Town Mill In Lyme Regis, there have been changes and that space will continue to be a gallery showcasing local artists and makers and I will be showing in both venues from time to time.

Manor Yard, Symondsbury is well worth a visit-lots of intresting shops and an amazing restaurant!


Classes full

My next Class is now fully booked so if you were interested in doing one of my weekly painting classes, sign up to my mailing list to be first in line for bookings.

I’m gauging interest for a weekend class or even a one day class. If this is something you’d like to try, contact me!

In other news…..

I’m off on holiday for 3 weeks to Colorado and California ( yay! ) so my shop will be tempoarily closed until 1st August.

Here’s a pretty picture anyway…. one of my Birch Panel paintings called ‘Golden Cap’ which is 15 x 15cm and is £60.00



Panoramic landscapes of Lyme Regis

In recent weeks I have been thinking how I could get my designs onto British Fine bone China mugs and it has been a struggle but I am still working on this and will soon be off to Stoke on Trent to visit the factory in order to understand the process.

It turns out my designs have too many colours in them which is expensive! I just have to work out how to reduce the colours which is no easy feat, believe me.

So I am left with 3 rather fetching long paintings of the seafront at Lyme Regis which are going to be framed in the coming weeks and will soon be for sale….


Busy week

Well I think my fan club must have been in town last week as had to keep re-stocking Coombe Street Gallery in Lyme Regis. Due to their excellent window display, they managed to sell 3 pieces back to back!

So guess what I’m up to this week? Thats right- painting some nice new work which is ready and waiting to be framed.

I am also working on some mug designs which will be on UK Bone China and hopefully ready in June or July….Sign up to my mailing lsit and you will be the first to know when they arrive!

Here are some pics that sold last week….I


New Stockist In Axminster

This is good. I have found a new shop to sell my paintings. Her name is Pippa and she has just opened a shop called ‘Little Bits of Lovely’. She was on South Street in a shared space but has now moved to Church Street next door to the Axminster Arts Café, in what used to be the Tourist Info centre.

She has a great selection of locally made items and art, jewellery, soap, leatherwork, wood, cards and allsorts. Plus she is lovely herself!

I have 7 paintings and lots of cards there so if you are near Axminster, pop in and say hi.


New work

So its March already and I’m enjoying the bright yellows that are appearing every day. It wont be long until we get that rush of fresh lime green that comes with spring growth. Already some of my paintings have been reflecting this such as this piece…


This is the view from the car park at Felicity’s Farm Shop in Morecombelake.

I meet my friends there occasionally and we go Nordic Walking around the Golden Cap Estate but I always have to take a quick picture of this scene! I have added some sailing dinghys to add some sense of distance but its one hell of a view!


You can see why this inspires me to paint!

Town Mill Arts

All Change at the Town Mill…

A statement from Town Mill arts where I sell my cards and prints. I have an exhibition planned for september this year and do not know if this will still go ahead….

All change at the Mill

As our former members will already be aware, the Town Mill Trust has decided to close TMA at the end of February, so the current Printmakers exhibition will be our last. The TMA team has formed a Community Interest Company (CIC) and will be making a bid to run  the galleries from 1st April; we understand that the Trust may also  be exploring other ways to fulfil its arts objectives if our bid is unsuccessful. Until the Trust has made a decision, the future direction of the arts at the Mill is not fixed. We are hoping to be able to present the schedule of exhibitions we had already planned for 2019.

Not great news but it was in need of a shake up so perhaps this is it…watch this space!


Notes from last terms Landscape Painting Classes

I am just about to start teaching a new term of art Classes from my studio. Here are the notes from last term’s class……

Week 1

We played around with acrylic- painted swatches onto coloured card and used different tools to scrape into base colour.

We started a primed piece of board and started with brush strokes to get a feel for the paint and that lead into blending briefly.

I notice that the students were quite different in their approach. Abbey had never really painted much before so was more tentative but Mel has a thing about turquoise and waves so was wanting to replicate what she has already done.

Week 2

We spent more time practising blending techniques on several boards so that they got a feel for being spontaneous, not over working it, so that it became like mud, and knowing when to stop. This is something that proved to be quite difficult at times.

I introduced the idea of composition which has some rules that are important. Things that make a good painting - balance, focal point, rule of thirds etc.

We looked at other artists work and each selected a painting to copy, to work out how it was done.

Week 3

I showed the students how to add texture to a board using a simple polyfilla and then priming over it before painting.

Whilst these were drying we were sketching out simple ideas for a landscape painting incuding what we have learnt so far.

Corrections and adjustments were made and they began by adding base layers of paint to the sky first.

It was noted that the sky is always the first area to be completed, more or less, Some base colour can be added to the area below this and can be drying ready for next time.

Continued to work on copied paintings, putting knowledge into practice.

Week 4

More experimentation with blending, design, building up layers and aiming towards a finished picture!

A lot of discussion about looking at the landscapes around you. How the seasons changing affect the palette, how to get what you see in nature onto a painting.

Week 5

Starting to look at detail and how to introduce that. What sort of detail would they use as a focal point.

Continuing to hone the technique and starting to add some perspective and texture to the base coats.

Week 6

Working toward a final piece to take home. Students have chosen the piece they want to work on. Discussions, practice and demonstrations as we go.

The class ends on a high, with something finished and they both decide they want to carry on next term.

All the way through, I suggested small adjustments to the way they painted, held the brush, wrist action, pressure and movement. This seemed to be very beneficial as they took on board what I was saying and then saw their work improve because of it.

I tended to demo quite a bit as we were talking so they could see how I was achieving what I was talking about.

The students are now driving about noticing the landscape, colours, light and seeing things through new eyes!

Please comment below or message me if you’d like to do something like this, even over a weekend.


Chipping Norton Exhibition on for one more week!

If you are local to Oxfordshire, ther’s only one week left until the Creative Coverage show ends. This is upstairs in the gallery and is open before and during panto. As I grew up in ‘Chippy’ I wrote to the local newspaper and they ran a piece in the December issue about me and how I came to be exhibiting there. While I was hanging the paintings, one of the editors popped in to met me and took this photo!


Winter Art Sale

So instead of having a STUDIO SALE here from my studio, I decided to do two things.

I am taking part in the very popular Annual Art Sale at the Town Mill in Lyme Regis plus I have a page on my website which shows my sale stock. If you don’t live near Lyme, this gives you the option to get your hands on some sale goodies directy from me!

Visit this link to access the secret page…You will have to contact me if you want to buy something.

WFA Insta .jpg

Studio Sale dates changed

You may have noticed a post about a studio sale in December which has now been removed.

This is due to the fact that I have too many family obligations which means I will be postponing this event until early next year. However, If you are interested in sale items before then, get in touch and I will send you a link to my sale stock.

below are a few of the paintings going into the sale….

Sorry for getting your hopes up!

Upcoming Exhibition

Next week I will be driving up to Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire to hang my paintings at the ‘CREATIVE COVERAGE EXHIBITION’ at The Theatre. Having grown up there, I know a few folks and I’m going to make the most of it. I’ve rented an AirB&B for the night and I’m going out for dinner with my best mate from primary school! Cant wait…

FB post.jpg