Fridge magnets

Who can resist?

A mini painting for your fridge or a gift for someone you love….These punchy little beauties are now for sale on my website at £3.95 each. choose from 3 designs and get 3 for £10.

Next Year

I have always enjoyed doing Open studios and Open Houses. I did 3 years of opening our house in Brighton and loved every minute of it. I even delivered our daughter at home between each weekend of The Brighton Festival much to the amazement of visitors!

So -  as the 'Dorset Arts Week' is only on every 2 years now, I have decided that instead of another exhibition, I would give it a try. I have yet to confirm the opening times and days but it will be most days and by appointment.

My only concern is the postcode which is nowhere near our house! hopefully they will follow the signs rather than the SatNav!